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TPA3116D2 400W best 5.1 Class d amplifier board

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Hi music lovers, today in this article we are going to this  tpa3116d2  Class d Ic based six channel 5.1 class d Amplifier board…From Roger Audios. In this article, we are going to read about This board’s input and output connection details and Technical specifications.

Class d amplifier board

Where do we use this 6-channel amplifier board? We are Using 6 channel amplifier 5.1 amplifier board maximum used for Our Assembled Home theatre Systems and Amplifiers. 
If we Assemble a home theatre or amplifier for a house we mostly use class ab amplifier boards. 

To compare the class ab amplifier board this Class d Amplifier board will give you very good audio results and clarity. In today’s market, many branded home theatres and sound bars mostly use class d amplifier boards For better Audio results. So that’s why today I am reviewing this class d amplifier board.

class d amplifier board
Top View Of The Board
class d amplifier board
bottom View Of the board

This board is Made With original Four Tpa3116d2 Ic and high-quality Pcb and components. If you want to know more about this iC you can Click here to read this tpa3116d2 datasheet. This board is manufactured In Tamilnadu India. That also provides service support in the future. And also they are going to make Class d 2.1 boards, Stereo boards, And High wattage Amplifier boards in The coming days as well. I will Write more articles if they release new boards.

class d amplifier board

This board comes with Tpa3116d2 Four ic ( i have already mentioned that) And this board works with single supply DC (From 12v to a maximum of 24v. Recommended supply voltage range is 24v DC) This board Comes with two stereo ICs and two BTL Mono ICs. Two Stereo Ic For Front Left Right and surround Left, Right. Two Mono Ic For Centre and subwoofer Channel output.

The Stereo Ic Can Give you a maximum of 50w Power output per channel With a 4-ohm speaker. And You can get 35 to 40 watts of Power output per channel When You are using an 8 ohms speaker. And the Center and subwoofer section You can get a maximum of 100 Watts Of Audio power Output per channel only if you are using a 2 ohms speaker. Otherwise, You will get only  70 to 75 Watts of power output If you use a 4 or 8-ohms Speaker. 

When compared to class ab amplifiers this Class d amplifier board Comes with many protection features like Amplifier Will be Shut down When Its input current Overload. And When the speaker terminal is Shorted or the speaker Burn This class d amplifier Board will go to The protection mode. This amplifier will go to protection mode When you give Overload input gain.

Input and output connection details Of This TPA2116D2 Class D Amplifier Board

class d amplifier board

All input and output connection details are clearly mentioned in the PCB… If you have any doubts about Regarding connections you can ask me in the comment section. This board will Run with a single supply DC. For best results, you should give SMPS Power supply Range From 15v to 20v with 15 to 20 Ampere. Because this Board ic Watts total of 400 Watts… 

If you want to get maximum capacity front this iC you should use a 20v 20 ampere Power supply with Proper 4 ohms speaker for the front and surround channel and 2 ohms speaker for Subwoofer and center channel. So that’s all Friends. If you have any questions Regarding This board you can ask me in the comment section below… Bye Friends

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  1. Fernando Amsler Moura

    Hi Azees,

    I have just ordered a 2.1 channels TPA3116D2 amplifier, purchased as ZK-TB21 in AliExpress, wich I am looking forward for its arrival, expected for 23/Oct/2023.

    But in the last days I have gone a few times through the TPA3116D2 DataSheet, from the TI website, and started dreaming on a 5.1 channels TPA3116D2 amplifier … and wondering whether I could give a try building one myself, in case I couldn’t find such a one already done by some good soul somewhere in the world.

    And then, after searching for several days today, 12/Oct/2023, I came across your “TPA3116D2 400W Best 5.1 Class D Amplifier Board” project, already developed and finished.

    Luck me! I will try to buy one, in case it could be delivered to Brazil.

    Kind Regards

    Fernando Amsler Moura
    M: +55(21)999352036
    Nova Friburgo, RJ, BRAZIL

  2. azees

    hi Fernando the shipping charges are very high from India… if you still want this board you can contact me through WhatsApp at +919543864606

  3. Zeeshan Nazish

    Hello sir I’m planning to make an 3way active stereo amplifier with this tpa3116d2 5.1 amplifier board
    Please need your suggestions if it’s a good idea or not

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