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6 Best Subwoofer Pre-Out Board For Your Amplifier

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Hai music lovers today in this article we are going to see which subwoofer pre-out board is best for Your Amplifiers.

kMS Mini Subwoofer pre-out

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This board is built with 4558 iC which will give good quality Subwoofer Pre output to your Assembled Amplifier. This board works on 12-0-12 to 30-30-30 Dual power supply DC. This board will give good outer bass Output for your vehicles like Tata ace, Ashok Leyland, dost, Mahindra Maximo, and lorries, buses, and trucks. By using this board we can easily make wiring. And this board has an Onboard PCB-mounted volume control for Easy fitting With your amplifier cabinet. 

Vasanth Booster subwoofer pre-out board

subwoofer pre-out

This is a dual power Supply Subwoofer Pre-board. This board comes with dual ic. One IC is 4558 and another one is TL084. What is the good thing about this board is This board comes with onboarding 4558. Which will give you the best audio result. What is good about this board is This board has 3 Pre-set which means you can Adjust The Input gain, Subwoofer frequency, And Subwoofer Output gain… For this board, You can get very hard bass Because the iC used in this board is TL084… If you want smooth and mild bass then this board is not suitable for you…

Shan JBL Subwoofer pre-out board


This is Shan company JBL subwoofer pre-board. This board Is mainly Designed For JBL speakers… This board Also comes with Frequency and gain adjustment Presets. So you can Adjust the Frequency Preset According to your Subwoofer and the matching box…

Connection details

all connections are clearly mentioned in the PCB

Maharaja JBL Subwoofer pre-out board

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This Board Comes with dual 4558 iC so The bass Effect will be Very clear and Smooth. This board Operated with dual supply DC. You can give a minimum of 20v to a maximum of 32 Volts. The recommended supply voltage range is 24v. And all the connection details are clearly mentioned on the PCB.

Bajrang Subwoofer pre-out board

subwoofer pre-out

This board is Operated with a single supply DC Range From 12v to 24v supply… this board Comes with PT2351 Ic This Is mainly used in Remote kit amplifier Boards. This board is very compact and You can easily Assemble it with a small cabinet. This board is available in Dindigul Bajrang Audios. 

Sakthi Subwoofer pre-out board

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This Board Comes with TL084 Ic And is operated with dual supply DC. From 20v to 33 volts. On this board, You can expect Very hard bass… If you want to hear soft and mild bass you should change the brown Capacitor To Low Range. I will write a separate article About this board Alternation In my Upcoming articles.

So that’s all friends these are the boards that are mainly Available in the Market… and the best Boards also. In case I miss something or any other Best boards you know please Let me know in the comment box below. Please share this article with your friends who are interested in this amplifier Field.

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