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Lm386 Amplifier Module Best portable Mini Amplifier

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Hai music lovers today in this article we are going to see this Lm386 Mini Amplifier Module And The explanation


This mini amplifier Module is mainly used for Diy Amplifier Projects Self Trading Projects. what are the main features of this lm386 module is 

  • On Board Lm386 Chip

lm386 on the chip is an operational amplifier which has let us discuss its features in the next slide.

  • Wide Supply Voltage Range 4v – 12v

so it has a wide operating voltage both up to 12 volts this is a very good feature which means it can be used with 5 volts power supply or it can be used with 12 volts for some time a good option when it is used with the 12 volts power supply it has a greater option as a greater game.

  • Low Quiescent Current Drain: 4 ma

It has a low cushion current drain current which is just nearly about 4 milliamperes. That is very fine with it because what does it mean when there is no signal input it consumes only 4 milliamperes of power so it is best suited when this module is being used for battery applications.

  • Up to 200 multiplier Factor

It has a multiplier gain of about 200 x times which means whatever the signal is inputted can be amplified 200 times so that is a very good amplification factor.

Here the capacitors present are meant for the amplification gain so these are used for the amplification.

  • OnBoard Speaker Wiring Block (two-pin TBC connector)

It has a two-pin TPC terminal block connector where you can connect the output or you can connect the speakers whenever which are necessary.

It has an onboard 10k variable resistor. This is a variable resistor so this can be used for increasing the gain or decreasing the gain according to our wish.

  • OnBoard Power Indicator

It has an onboard power indicator so this is the LED that lights up when the power is connected.

so these are the main and basic features of this module and where it can be used in Applications

Lm386 Amplifier Module

  • AM, FM Amplifiers

am FM radio amplifiers mean soon as the FM signal or the amplitude modulation is demodulated or FM modulation is demodulated you get the y signal so in that time for a pre-amplification purpose you can use this module right after the demodulation of the amp or FM signal.

  • Portable Tape Player Amplifier

It can be used in portable tape players. As soon as it is directed from the head you can just pre-amplify it and you can use this one so On.

  • Intercoms

in intercoms where you need a very small signal to be amplified and small power applications.

  • TV Sound systems
  • Line Drivers

It is used in line drivers. What is a Line driver?

line Driver is nothing but it is a transmission line whenever you wanted to transmit a signal from one place to another place there may be some attenuation occurring so if you use this in between the transmission lines offered of certain frequencies you can again you can put some gain for the attenuation that was caused in the transmission line.

  • Ultrasonic Drivers

it is used in ultrasonic drivers so ultrasonic means some sensors need the converts the input signal to the ultrasonic sound which means the ultrasonic sound is delivered so if the signal is very low you can amplify the signal with this module and an input to an ultrasonic sound transmitter so that you can transmit the ultrasonic sound for a long distance so this is one of the application.

  • small servo drivers

so basically this module cannot be used because what is this servo driver you have a PWM signal ranging from two volts but this two-volt PWM signal cannot drive uh the needed servo so you can amplify this 2 volts PWM signal to a larger extent of your 10-volt signal 10-volt signal when the input signal is connected when the input voltage is connected at 12 volts so you can have you can amplitude a 2 volts PW signal to a 10-volt PWM signal and you can drive up your small servo motor so this is what this is called as it is small servo driving capability it has small servo driving capability where the PW signal is amplified to up to 10 volts.

  • Power Converters

so since it has a 200x amplification capability, it can be used in small conversions of power.

  • MIC

Now connect with the condenser mic so is the condenser mic where the input changes are reflected here as the change in the capacitance of the module when this can be connected to your required voltage of 5 volts or 12 volts the same thing can be connected here. So now this is the voice output in the form of an electrical signal that can be connected here and the two ground pins.

are interconnected inside so they are directly connected and you can connect this directly. here and this term together seems to be the ground and here directly you can connect to your eye wall your VCC five or twelve five or five so you can connect it to the input signal so whenever this twice is given over here it converts to electrical a very low voltage signal and then it is amplified in this module and here you can connect the speaker.

You can download This Lm386 Datasheet Here

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