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Speaker Delay Board

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Hi music lovers today in this article we are going to read about this 2 channel Speaker deley board

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A Speaker Protection module is required to protect the speakers attached to an amplifier during the process of turn “ON” and “OFF” . During both of these processes the amplifer may exhibit a DC component in its Output.This Dc component is caused by the sudden application or interruption in supply voltages to the amplifier output stages and it may damage the voice coils inside the loudspeakers . Apart from the POwer on and off processes, an amplifer can again exhibit a very strong DC component in its output in the unlikely event of an amplifier power stage failure, where DC component would be instantaneously strong enough to permanently damage the speaker voice coil. So in order to protect the Speakers in all these cases a circuit is required to protect the speakers . These circuits are placed in between the amplifier’s output and the speakers , that is the amplifier’s output is routed to the speakers through these circuits . The main function of such circuits are

  • To introduce a Delay in connecting the speakers to the amplifier’s output during the power up process. 
  • To constantly monitor the amplifiers output for any DC component and temporarily disconnect the speakers from the amplifier in such an event.
  • To instantly disconnect the speakers from the amplifier’s output as soon as the power down process is initiated

All the above requirements are fullfilled by a single dedicated Chip upc1237, that has been designed to perform all the 3 functions. 
Theaudiocrafts bring to you some of the best quality of speaker protection modules based on this chip. One should understand that an amplifier’s output stage exhibits a very high current signal .In order to route this high current signal to the speaker the speaker protection circuits should have 2 extremely good quality Components .

  • The first being the PCB itself , that should have a good copper foil thickness to handle the large current .
  • Secondly Good Quality relays , that have been designed to handle High inrush currents.

Where To use this speaker deley board?

Whenever we assemble an amplifier when we switch on and off the amplifier we hear some irritating on and off noise through the speaker. 

So by using this speaker delay board we can stop the noise.

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How this board works

This board Comes with a relay So this relay will Send sound signal to the speaker with a 5 to 7 seconds delay So You will never hear the on and off noise and Bluetooth usb board welcome sound.

If You don’t want to hear the Usb welcome sound and and amplifier On and off sound then you can definitely Use this board. 

And remember this is not a speaker protection board. If the power amplifier board fails Then this board will Never protect the speaker. And the speaker fails. This board will never protect the Power amplifier. That’s why this board is called the Speaker deley board. 

This board input and output connection details

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This board works with single supply DC. This board can be operated From a minimum 18v to maximum 45v dc. You give power to this board from The power amplifier positive and ground. All the connection details are clearly mentioned on the PCB. You should give a signal to this board between the power amplifier board and The speaker socket. So friends If you want this board you can Ask me in the Comment section Of Facebook

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