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HDMI ARC vs Optical: Which is Better and Why?

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hi music lovers today in this article we are going to read about the HDMI ARC vs Optical: Which is Better


if you are wondering whether you require an HDMI arc or an optical cable, this article will help you out in making the right choice for your audio connections.

HDMI ARC vs Optical

While video connections are usually preferred through an HDMI cable people often get confused when the question comes to audio connections. You might need these connectors for connecting sound systems to your consoles or tv for a better experience. first, let us understand what is HDMI arc

HDMI ARC vs Optical

an HDMI arc is a cable that connects your screens or your tv to a sound system. These sound systems can range from big to small speakers in home theaters. Now make sure you do not confuse a regular HDMI with an HDMI arc because there is a small difference between HDMI and HDMI ARC.

HDMI is the most widely used and the name is pretty popular in the tech realm. because this cable allows you to connect devices and consoles to screens. the pros of HDMI arc range from availability to quality it is true that because these cables are commercially and most widely used they are available pretty easily. It is also true that there are many developed versions of the HDMI arc with the latest one being HDMI 2.1.

HDMI ARC vs Optical

This version allows high-quality pictures and sound and is perfect for gamers and people who have an entertainment setup like a home theater.

HDMI ARC vs Optical: Which is Better and Why?

 digital optical

now let us understand what digital optical is it is a basic cable connector

HDMI ARC vs Optical

that can transmit digital audio from one device to another but cannot transmit high-resolution audio in simple words, it is the cable you use with your DVD and cd players and even with your gaming consoles at times the good part about these cables is that like HDMI ARC they are also widely known and available which narrows down our comparison to quality.

You see both these cables allow the basic transfer of audio from one device to another. They are convenient and they are functional with almost every device. Both offer 5.1 multi-channel audio and they are excellent for soundbars.

HDMI ARC vs Optical

and basic sound systems however optical cables are not capable of transmitting high-resolution audio such as Dolby Digital Plus DTS HD Dolby True HD and DTS HD master audio if you plan on getting a 5.1 or 7.1 channel audio system.  then HDMI arc is the obvious choice because an optical audio cable would not do the job owing to limitations in playing high-resolution audio moreover the simple fact that optical cables are considered somewhat ancient.

HDMI ARC vs Optical


nowadays puts them down a little because many new devices are being made that lack the option of a connector for optical cables at this point, if you wish to make a safe and better choice would be an HDMI arc because of the excellent quality video support more range and wide availability in new devices, if you are using an

optical cable with your television there is a fair enough chance that you are compromising on audio quality but things get a little tied up here because it also depends on the sound of the system that you have chosen to use.

HDMI ARC vs Optical

Some sound systems come with better speakers while others have a built-in muffled voice. for this, you first need to make the right choice for a sound system and then your cable would come into play but if we talk generally using an HDMI arc is a better option in terms of audio quality.

The sound is usually more evident and the surround sound is also pretty satisfying. Let us know in the comments below about your experience with either of the cables.

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