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Tda7297 (15+15) watts stereo amplifier board With Bass&Treble

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Hi, Friends Today in this article we are going to read about this tda7297 ic based Complete stereo amplifier board.


Why did I call this amplifier board a complete stereo amplifier board?
Because This board Comes with an onboard Bass treble section with a 5v USB board regulator.
That’s why I call this board a 12v perfect Stereo amplifier board.


This board is very compact and designed by Martin audio. This board is made with quality components. And also you should attach a heat sink with this ic According to your Cabinet size.


In this board they are using the original St tda7297ic.this ic can be operated with 12v single supply dc. And this is a stereo amplifier ic.
This board can give you 15watts of audio power output per channel. So you can use a maximum 8-inch speaker per channel with tweeters.
This is a very quality ic This ic is much better than the 4440 ic For super quality audio.


Now we are going to see this Tda7297 board’s Input and output connection Details.

All Connections are already mentioned in this board PCB So let me tell you important Connection Details only in the below ๐Ÿ‘‡ picture.

image2 1

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