You are currently viewing Maxwin Transformer E&I Core Step-Down Transformers for the best Power Supply

Maxwin Transformer E&I Core Step-Down Transformers for the best Power Supply

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Hi, music lovers today in this article we are going to read about this Maxwin Transformer.

Maxwin Transformer

What Are Electrical Transformers?

Transformers are electrical devices with the capacity to change the voltage level of an alternating current (AC) in a circuit. They function only with AC circuits, not with direct current (DC) circuits. The basic components of a transformer are two separate coils of wire wound around a single core. The coil connected to the incoming or voltage source is the primary coil, the coil connected to outgoing or voltage output is the secondary coil, and the core is an electromagnetic device that impedes (limits) or amplifies (increases) voltage flow according to output requirements. 

A more in-depth investigation into how transformers work, their various types and their common applications helps provide a greater understanding of the critical function they serve in providing usable power to operate computers, appliances, lighting fixtures, and a wide range of other electrical and electronic devices.

How Transformers Work and Their Different Types

Transformers do not generate electrical power. Instead, they transfer it from one AC circuit to another. This transfer process begins when an electrical current enters a transformer. The current enters via a connection to the primary coil (also called a winding because it winds around a portion of the core). This winding around the core converts the electrical power into a magnetic field, which then flows through the core and into the windings of the secondary coil. The secondary coil turns the electromagnetic flow back into electrical power at the necessary output voltage required. 

As indicated above, there are four primary components to a basic transformer:

  • Input Connections: Also referred to as the primary side, the input connection is where power enters the transformer.
  • Output Connections: The output connection—or secondary side—of the transformer transmits converted power (either increased or decreased) outside of the transformer to the load.
  • Transformer Windings: In most cases, the primary and secondary windings are not single coils, but multiple coils linked to their main input or output source to decrease flux (a measure of the strength of an electric field through a given surface). The amount of voltage increase or decrease relates to the turns ratio of the primary and secondary windings or the number of turns of each coil around the core. For example, a transformer with a turns ratio of 3:1 would convert 3 volts to 1 volts in a step-down transformer and a ratio of 3:5 would convert 3 volts to 5 volts in a step-up transformer. 
  • Transformer Cores: The transformer core enhances the magnetic coupling between the primary and secondary circuits. It provides a controlled pathway for magnetic flux through the transformer from the primary windings to the secondary windings. Cores are not solid bars of steel. Instead, they are constructed of many thin laminated sheets of steel. This construction helps to limit or eliminate the buildup of heat inside the transformer. There are two types of cores used in transformers—core type and shell type—which are distinguished from each other by the placement of the primary and secondary coil. The windings wrap around the core in the core-type variation, while in the shell-type variation, the core surrounds the windings. 

There are many different types of transformers available, and Triad Magnetics offers an extensive range of these standard products to fit a wide variety of applications.

maxwin transformer

Maxwin Transformer comes in Two types which are E&I Core Transformer and toroidal transformer. today we are going to read about this e&i transformer.

Where do we use this transformer?

This is a step-down transformer because all our Amplifier boards and Pre boards are running with 12 to 40 volts supply so that is why we have to Use this transformer to Reduce the Power supply from 230v to 24 or the required Volts. Transformer Used For our amplifiers power supply purpose. 

This Maxwin transformer is Made with pure copper. And this e&i core transformer Comes in Two variants which are CRNO laminated core Transformer and CRGO laminated core  Transformer. CRNO laminated core transformers. are Mainly available in the market. If you want a CRGO transformer you ask Me Or the manufacturer to Get your required Transformer. 

This Maxwin Transformer Supply Volts Range is a minimum From 20-0-20 to a maximum of 60-0-60 and the ampere range is from 3 amps to a maximum of 15 amps. You can Ask them to Get the perfect transformer for your amplifier. 

Maxwin Transformer

In this Maxwin transformer, they used a Very good quality bobbin With very tight Fitting so this transformer Will work without vibration or heating issues. They made this transformer By Better and more accurate copper winding. So you can get the accurate voltage and ampere From This transformer without voltage or amp drop. 

Maxwin Transformer

This Maxwin transformer Also Comes with 3 tapping Like all Other Transformers in the market.

24-0-24 5 amps, 12-0-12 2 amps, and 0-12 1 Amps. If you want extra voltage and ampere for the additional tapping you can ask them to get your required Maxwin transformer. This transformer is Made with pure copper winding as I mentioned earlier.

Due to Original copper winding this Maxwin transformer will be Sold at 400 to 500 rs Higher than Any other transformer in the market. Many other brands in the market made the transformer Without proper Varnish Insulation. So that’s why Wherever we touch the transformer the varnish will stick to our hands and be uncomfortable. This Maxwin transformer is Made with the proper vacuum Varnish insulation method. so you feel very comfortable when you Assemble an amplifier. 

maxwin Transformer Dimensions

Width – 95mm

Length – 65mm 

Height – 80 mm

Length With Bobin 105mm

Maxwin Transformer

So select the Cabinet according to this Transformer if you choose this transformer.

So that’s all friends. I hope you understand this article. If you have any questions regarding this Maxwin transformer you can ask me in the comment section. If you want this transformer You can ask me Through Facebook or WhatsApp. bYe for friends. 

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