You are currently viewing 4 best 1943 5200 mosfet amplifier board price and circuit diagram

4 best 1943 5200 mosfet amplifier board price and circuit diagram

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Hi Music lovers today in this Article we are going to read about this 1943, 5200 MOSFET amplifier board Price and technical specifications

A two-pair MOSFET board can give 300 watts (150+150) Of Audio power output per channel with a Supply range of 50v DC. According to the IC, datasheet Recommended power supply voltage and Watts is about 30v dual supply DC. And we can get 200 Watts of Audio power output per channel. 

5200 mosfet amplifier board price

But my personal recommended power supply is 24v dual supply with 5 to 10 amps transformer is more than enough. We can get 100 Watts of Audio power output per channel in this power supply range. If we use this way the MOSFET board lifespan will increase and no problems will occur. 

Speaker selection

This MOSFET board can be used from the range of 8-inch to 12-inch with more than 150 Watts Output Speaker. 

How different is this board from other IC boards?

This MOSFET board is far better than STK IC boards Because in this board you can enjoy very smooth Audio results when compared to The STK  board (just slightly different). 

List of best MOSFET board


5200 mosfet amplifier board price

This is a STK-type MOSFET board. This board can be used for a Subwoofer Speaker. I have already posted an Article about  Maharaj 10 fet MOSFET board. You can Click Here to Read that article.

Sakthi MOSFET board

5200 mosfet amplifier board price

Sakthi MOSFET board comes in many varieties and variants. Which is two fet mono, Four Fet Mono and stereo, 10 fet MOSFET board, and 14 fet MOSFET board. You can use any of them according to your Amplifier wattage and speakers.

5200 mosfet amplifier board price

Kumar MOSFET board

5200 mosfet amplifier board price

This Kumar MOSFET board Comes with a stk module type This board can give you 300 Watts of Audio power output per channel. This is also the Board for the subwoofer. This board can be operated with up to 34v dual supply DC. But my recommendation is a 30v dual supply DC.

Ravi Six fet MOSFET board

5200 mosfet amplifier board price

This board Is mainly used for a 12-inch subwoofer This Board can Give you a Maximum of 500 Watts of Audio power output For the Subwoofer. This is a six-pair combination of 5200 1943 Transistors. 

1943 5200 MOSFET amplifier board price

This 5200 mosfet amplifier board price will vary depending on the brand, module, and what transistor is used in the board. you can ask me on WhatsApp to get the latest price and more information.

2SA1943 2SC5200 200W Amplifier Circuit

The power transistors of the 200W Afi circuit do not require the classic 2SC5200 and 2SA1943 quiescent current adjustment. The amplifier can deliver 100W RMS power with a 4-OHM speaker and a 200W RMS 8-OHM speaker.

Amplifier operating voltage max. 2X50V DC 6A (2X33VAC or 2X36VAC transformers can be used) supply filter capacitors For usable bridge diodes between 4700uf… 10.000uf, ready KBU10M or 4 P600J 6-ampere diodes can be used.

330PF capacitor protects the amplifier from high-frequency oscillations. If you cannot find a 330PF, you can use a 270PF capacitor instead.

The author says about the 2SA1015 transistors that counterfeits are a lot on the market. To understand that the transistors are original, it is necessary to measure BETA or hFE with a digital multimeter. The 2SA1015 should show 180 or slightly less in the hFE measurement. 2N5401 can be used instead of 2SA1015, but the leg connections are different, be careful with this, the basin and collector legs should be changed in the PCB assembly (I have experimented with the 2SA733 transistors I have)

2SC5200 and 2SA1943 transistors need to use insulators in the cooler assembly. You can look at the article Heat conduction and Insulators for details, the equalization resistors of output transistors 0.33-OHM….

The author said that a cooler can be used for TIP41-TIP42 transistors, but I left a hole for the cooler installation, you can install 2 pieces of 2mm aluminum strip or a separate small cooler for all of them or you can look at the heat condition.

The 5uH coil must be wide enough to pass into a 10-OHM 1W resistor to be wound 11 rounds of 1mm wire. I used a drill bit.

200W Transistor Amplifier Circuit Diagram



All the above boards work very well when you give a perfect matching Subpre board.

Always choose The amplifier board according to what speaker you are going to use in the amplifier. all the Boards are available to sell me you can buy it from the floating WhatsApp chat button. You can also join our WhatsApp Group to get the latest Amplifier Boards update.

Buy friends.

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