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Stk4231 (100+100w) Best Stereo amplifier board Review

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Hai Music lovers today in this article we are going to see this stk4231(100+100w) amplifier board with connection Details.


This stk4231 has 22 pins in that IC. This is a class a-b Stereo amplifier ic. It will produce 100w audio power output per channel. we can give a maximum 70v Dual supply dc to this amplifier board (this voltage is not recommended for continuous use)


If you are using an 8 ohms speaker to this board, give 51v Dual supply dc to this ic board (use maximum 5a to 7a transformer) you can get 100w audio power output per channel.

As per the datasheet of this ic 4ohms speaker load is not recommended for this ic board.

If you want to use 4 ohms, speakers, for this amplifier board, please reduce the input voltage to 30v or 36v Dual supply dc. If you are choosing a transformer power supply for this board. Use 30-0-30v to 35-0-35v ac with a minimum 7a transformer.

If you are using this board as a bridge mono connection, please use an 8 ohms speaker or subwoofer for this amplifier board. In a bridged mono connection, you can get 180 to 200w audio power output. In the market, this Sanyo STK ic and many companies’ driver boards are available separately.


The driver board which is shown in this article is manufactured by sha (Indian made) company. This board is fitted with quality components. You can Solder the ic with its driver board by using the ic pins to assemble your required amplifier.


This is the stk4231 ic which is available in all electronic shops. This is not 100% original Sanyo ic. Because original Sanyo ic’s are discontinued 10 to 12yrs before.


This is the stk4231 ic driver board with good quality components and fuse protection for Speakers. Additional led coating for power supply tracks for more life and current flow.

Now we are going to see the stk4231 input and output connection details


Now I take the left side of this board as the left channel and the right side of this board as the right channel audio input and output. Please always use the ic datasheet and ic pin numbers for input and output connections.

From ic left side to right side pin no 1 to 22.
Now I will tell the connection as the ic pin number.

image4 1

All the Connections are clearly mentioned in the PCB. We need to give dual supply dc input to this board. We need to give a positive input supply to pin no-13. negative input supply to pin no 11&16.

Ground pin no 5&18.

Left channel Audio input is pin no 3, ground, and left channel audio output is pin no 12, ground.
Right channel audio input is pin no 12, ground, and channel audio output is pin no 15, Ground.

Please follow and use ic pin numbers from the datasheet for input and output connections.

All stk ic’s are having low audio harmonic distortion (less than 1%) level. So this stk4231 ic will give you good quality audio output. 

Nowadays 100% original Sanyo stk ic’s are discontinued and not available.

If any of you are using an old original stk amplifier, you can share your experience in the comment section below.

Download the stk4231 datasheet here

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  1. Shakil

    How can i get from ksa?stk4231

  2. AbhinavSarvesh

    Sir can I use 26 volt 15 A Transformer for 3 stk 4231 boad to use 4 ohms speakers.

    1. Ramesh

      Do not use 15a trafo, 5-8ohms sufficient for 26v. It converts dc as 32v. So +/-32v kind enough. And, STK 4231 datasheet recommended 8ohms speaker only. If you use 4 ohms load, you will face excess heat issues. Finally it will be caused ic failure may it will damage your speaker too.

  3. Ramesh

    Please read 5-8amps not ohms. Sorry for the typo error.

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