You are currently viewing difference between HDMI and HDMI arc Which one is best ? 5 reasons

difference between HDMI and HDMI arc Which one is best ? 5 reasons

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Hi music lovers today in this article we are going to read about the difference between HDMI and HDMI arc

Both HDMI and the HDMI Arc are useful devices that can be used in your home devices. They are specifically designed for the new age media to transmit better picture resolution. Even when you are watching movies or playing games, having such devices will always be helpful.
However, which one should you choose between the HDMI cable and the HDMI arc? Without knowing the differences, it becomes hard to pick one. This is why you can always take the help of the points mentioned below.

What Does HDMI Arc Mean?

HDMI arc is a modern-day technology that is used in most automated devices as voice transmission. Choosing such devices means that you can connect to most of the home automated devices on the go. It takes up a few minutes to complete the transmission in just a few minutes. Technically, HDMI stands for Audio Return Channel which helps in transmitting the audio from the TV speaker to the home theatre systems. It acts as a two-way service.

How does HDMI ARC work?

Without HDMI ARC

difference between HDMI and HDMI arc


difference between HDMI and HDMI arc

What’s The Difference Between HDMI And HDMI Arc

HDMI and HDMI arc are two different things and they also have a lot of differences between them. Here are a few major differences that you can easily consider while having a key impact.

  1. The major difference between these two devices is the mode of transmission. While an HDMI cable is purposely built for transmitting video, the ARC is specifically designed to provide audio transmission. The ARC comes with a simple configuration that allows you to easily connect with the TV setup and transmit the audio in a defined language. It is always special to use such a device for transmission. It has a huge impact to reduce the number of cables connected to the TV set.
  2. An HDMI arc is designed to provide the audio return to the TV speaker and also other devices. They can get easily configured with the soundbar systems that are available in your home. On the other hand, an HDMI cable works as a signal transmission. It is widely used as a product to enhance video clarification. You won’t require additional help from cables to transmit great-quality video.
  3. Another major difference between the two is that the HDMI ARC can be used as a two-way cable. Although most people do use it only as an audio receiver, you can use the ARC as a video transmission mode as well. You will be able to transfer both using one single cable. However, the HDMI cable does not work as a two-way function. It will not be able to transmit the audio back to the source of origin.
  4. Because of the voice integration platform, the HDMI arc becomes highly valuable. Most smart TV sets have an enhanced voice-integrated platform. You can use Alexa or other services with voice commands. However, this is not possible with the regular. Type of the HDMI connector! You won’t be able to configure the home automated devices. The HDMI ARC comes with these features that can enhance the levels of configuration. They are capable of connecting to Alexa devices and will be able to transmit voice-over command options. It becomes much easier to control them.
  5. The ARC serves as a multipurpose cable. It does not restrict the connectivity options to only a few types of devices. Instead, you will be able to connect a lot more with the help of the HDMI arc. It has easy pairing with Bluetooth audio devices and also the soundbar. However, in the case of the HDMI cable, they are only capable of connecting to specific devices that include a monitor as a receiver. Other than this, regular HDMI may not be of more use.

Does Your TV Have An ARC Connection?

The easiest way to check if your TV has an ARC connection is to look for an HDMI port with an “ARC” label, it’s usually separate from the other ports. Generally, ARC is the only HDMI port on your TV that will be labeled e.g. “HDMI 1 (ARC)”.

Most modern TVs (from 2009 and newer) will have at least one ARC port. On some TVs, every port will be ARC compatible but those are rare. If you’re not sure if your TV supports ARC, check the online manual for your model.


Knowing the major difference between HDMI and HDMI Arc will help you to choose which one is the right product for your home. Choosing the ARC is always a better move for smart homes. This helps you to get the right type of content as per your need. Choosing an HDMI Arc option will give you major benefits like others.

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